Mechanic Falls, Maine

Make An Anonymous Report To The Police.

If You See It…Tell Someone...Don't Assume Someone Else Will

The Mechanic Falls Police Department recognizes that police officers must work hand in hand with the community in order to solve crimes and maintain a safe community. Community members often have pieces of information that are key to solving or preventing a crime. At the same time, we understand that community members may, for varied reasons, prefer not to speak directly to the police regarding an issue.

If you believe you have information of suspicious or criminal activity and would like to pass that information to the police without getting involved, you can now make a completely anonymous report. Please fill out the form below and your message will be sent directly to the Chief of Police. None of your personal contact information is requested on the form.

If your information contains facts that may be life threatening to another individual please do not use this form and call 911.

If you would like an officer to follow up with you regarding this report, do not use this form.  Please go to the homepage and select “Contact Us” or call 345-9021.  You can then request that someone get in touch with you to file your report.

Please fill in as much information as possible. If there is more than one suspect, submit this form and fill out a new one for each individual.

* Is this tip related to a school or student?: No
Are drugs involved?: Yes
What kind of drugs:
* Crime Description (including Who, What, When, Where and How Do You know:
Suspect's Name:
Suspect's Gender: Female
Suspect's Age:
Suspect's Height (ex. 5 foot 6 inches):
Suspect's Weight (ex. 175 lbs.):
Suspect's Eye Color:
Suspect's Address:
Suspect's City, State, Zip Code:
Suspect's Cell Phone and/or Home Phone:
Suspect''s Employer:
Any Scars, Marks or Tattoos:
Clothing Description:
Did the suspect have any weapons, what kind?:
Where does the suspect like to hang out?:
Where did YOU last see the suspect?:
When (date and time) did YOU last see the suspect?:
Suspect's Vehicle Description - Make, Model, Year:
License Plate # and State:
Enter the letters and numbers exactly as shown into the "Security Code" field:
*Security Code:

* - denotes required field

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